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This is Perfect401(k)™


What is the Perfect401(k)™ ?

A comprehensive, turn-key retirement program designed and provided by the Wellington Companies utilizing Charles Schwab Bank as plan custodian for plan assets. 

Who Provides the Perfect401(k)™?

Great question! The Perfect401(k)™ is provided by the Wellington Companies.

Let's review the ones who would service your plan!

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Wellington Consulting Services, Inc.

We're the consultants of the group. When you need help investing, you speak to us! We're an SEC registered Investment Adviser. We also act as an ERISA section 3(38) Investment Adviser. What does this mean? We give the company owners the maximum protection the government will allow to reduce their personal liability with regard to plan assets.

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Wellington Financial Group, Inc.

We're the recordkeeper of the group. To make things easier for you we have an entire firm devoted to keeping record of all your information, transactions, accounts, etc. Think of us as the paper pushers of the group.

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Everington Consulting, Inc.

We're the communicators of the group. ECI oversees all marketing, advertising, and communications we have with you after you have set up your 401(k) plan. We also handle all billing and invoicing so when you pay your fees, they are paid to ECI. 


We've been providing top 401(k) plans for over 20 years. We've got you covered from hired to retired.

What Does the Perfect401(k)™ do for you and your plan? 

Plan Sponsor

(The one who decides to start a 401(k) for the company)

As a plan sponsor, it is your legal duty to act in the best interest of your plan. By selecting the Perfect401(k)™, you are choosing a plan that is affordable, robust and one that reduces your personal liability to your 401(k) plan. Why pay more for a plan that doesn't offer the same features? 

Plan Administer

(Typically Human Resources or Payroll)

Wouldn't it be nice to have a hands-off approach to your company's new 401(k) plan? We think so too! That's why with the Perfect401(k)™ you are gaining another HR company to help with all the 401(k) questions, advice, paperwork, and we even tell you when participants are eligible! Sick of distributing statements and disclosures? We do all of that for you. Worried about uploading contribution files? Fear no more, the Perfect401(k)™ can process contribution  files that you may already send to you payroll provider.  

Plan Participant

(Those who will have an active account in the 401(k) plan)

We understand that the availability  of investment advice is just as important as the availability of investment options. With the Perfect401(k)™ plan, each participant is able to select - and pay for - only the level of advice that is optimal for them. Since the Wellington Companies do not receive any compensation directly from the mutual funds made available to your plan, you will have access to the lowest cost, highest performing funds we offer. What does all of this mean? In a nutshell, you will only be paying for the level of advice that you see fit for yourself. You will also have access to the best available mutual funds for investing, at no additional charge.

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We Use Charles Schwab as Our Custodian. Who Do You Use?